B2B Solutions

Doing Business Online Has Never Been Easier

With today's complex business applications moving online, and into "the Cloud", you need a team with the experience and talent to guide you through the best choices for your projects. At cguWEB, we build extensive backend applications to your specifications. Call or Email Us to discuss your project!

Get In The Cloud

What is "the Cloud"? In short, the internet! Business processes running on the web where they can be easily accessible to corporate employess, customers, and vendors anywhere there's an available internet connection are said to be in "the Cloud".

Web email, shopping cart systems, and social media sites are all running in "the Cloud". Some advantages of moving critical business processes onto the web are:

  • significantly reduce operating costs
  • provide services 24 hours a day
  • centralize data storage
  • accesssibility w/out location limitations
  • redunant hardware and backup processes

B2B Applications

The most popular web applications today are ecommerce-based. Shopping carts and ordering systems have been widely used by companies to do business online for years. Many companies have applied web application technology to their business processes and will continue to do so, helping to future-proof their businesses.

At cguWEB, we work with you directly in building a robust, secure application. Whether you're moving an existing legacy software application into the 21st century, or creating a new web application to support your business processes, we can build it for you! Our lead developers have build dozens of applications supporting a vast array of industries, including customer relationship management, ordering systems, reservation systems, auction sites and more... Call or Email Us to discuss your project!