Strong Experience & Imagination

Building a web application to support your business or original idea can be complicated stuff! We take on all the responsibilities involved with building a full-blown web application, and have the experience and knowledge to handle any size project.

From e-commerce stores to web applications to social media sites - we can help! Call or Email Us to discuss your project!

Where All the Magic Happens

Building a website is not akin to making a pretty looking Word or Publisher document, or a Photoshop layout. A website is constructed using various markup and programming languages, which provide the engines and tools necessary to build in functionality and interaction.

Solid Code & Secure Databases

The efficiency, dependability, and the security of a site could all be compromised without professionally written code. Spam and viruses are previlent on the web in great thanks to poorly written website code, leaving browser and operating system vulernabilities to be exploited.

application design consultation
preliminary workflow diagrams
infrastructure design consultation
application framework programming
workflow testing and review
interface design & construction
function and interface programming
user and unit testing cycles
training & demonstrations

Latest Technologies

Our staff maintains an ever-growing skillset that matches the current trends and best practices of the internet. Most of our applications are written in PHP, with support from mySQL databases, and jQuery, CSS & HTML 5 interfaces.

Applications Provide Solutions

Having a great idea for a functional website takes serious planning and professional experience to make it a reality. There aren't many off-the-shelf web applications that can suit the needs of a new idea. There are e-commerce applications (or "shopping carts"), financial suites, or social-networking clones available on the market and in the open-source world, for example. But any original or new idea requires a custom programmed web application.

At cguWEB, our years of experience and breadth of industry exposure will provide you with a design plan, the know-how, and the infrastructure needed to make your vision real.

Coding For The Future

Expandability is paramount when it comes to web development and application deployment. Your goal is the most success possible, which translates to the most website traffic possible. If you're website and supporting infrastructure aren't designed properly from the start, it could become an expensive and disruptive process in the future. The additional effort of doing things right the first time is well worth its preventive rewards! Call or Email Us to discuss your project!