eCommerce Solutions

Secure Online Shopping 24/7

There are many benefits of having an online store or ordering system in addition to being available to your customers 24 hours a day! Online ecommerce systems automate the process of placing orders for products or services, greatly reducing operating costs, minimizing errors, and saving you time and money! Learn more about the best ecommerce solution for your business by clicking the links below or Call or Email Us to discuss your project!

Shopping Carts

Setting up and online store usually includes a shopping cart system. We install and configure shopping carts for our clients that have full administration features, providing a simple interface for managing products, pricing, orders, and more. Shopping carts also come with many features that make the user experience more friendly, such as related items, coupon codes, user accounts, and more.

We can also integrate online product databases with your existing legacy systems, or make it simple for you to import product data to maintain pricing and availability. Contact us to discuss the available options for shipping, payment processing, and securing your online web store!

Safe & Secure

Doing business online means keeping your customer data safe and secure, especially for ecommerce websites! There are different layers of encryption that must be executed and implemented correctly during the online shopping experience to mitigate the risks associated with online fraud. The most essential of these is being on a secure server using a Secure Socket Layer certificate (SSL). Beyond this most basic security layer, other things like stringent coding standards, database administration, and file system configuration are very important, often overlooked parts of your ecommerce application's security.

With Hosting Services from cguHOST, we provide you with all the services, certificates, and administration you'll need, without having to manage it yourself - we take care of it all!

Payment Processors

There are many options for processing payments online. Many existing businesses will already have a merchant account with your banking institution, and therefore most likely access to their payment gateway to process payments online. If not, there are several low-cost, no-fee options for online payment processing, including PayPal,, PlugnPay, Intuit, WorldPay, and others.

Most payment processors connect with your bank account to transfer funds from payments received, while others even provide debit cards or interest-earning accounts. Call or Email Us with any questions you have and we'll be happy to provide a solution that works for you!