Our Team

Work Together & Play Together

At cguWEB, our team shares in the comrodary and compassion of what we do for a living. Together, we are a dynamic team of creative & innovative individuals who can accomplish any size web project imaginable.

Talent & Experience

Our talented web designers have solid backgrounds in graphic design, architecture, photography, music, and art. They take the time and effort necessary to conceptualize ideas that relate to your business and corporate branding. Everything we do is custom designed, without templates and cookie-cutter layouts, giving your website visitors the best experience possible.

On the development side, some of our programmers come with nearly 20 years of experience in building robust websites and world-class web applications for our clients. With outstanding technical backgrounds in computer science, engineering, software design, and business analytics, these guys truely are the geeks in our office! (but a very cool bunch of guys, nonetheless!)

Team Roles

At cguWEB, we check our egos at the door! Each of our team members has an individually specialized set of skills, while also sharing the same vast knowledge of web design & app development. Its through those collective specialized skills across the entire team that we feel makes us a very powerful web development group. Guided by our project management staff, our designers, developers, and sales support staff work closely with you and eachother; communicating ideas, structuring work schedules, and executing your project with efficiency, integrity, and completeness.

Each member of your project's assigned team has their set of tasks to complete to maintain the scheduled milestones and due dates. Our project managers do a tremendous job of keeping our calendars aligned and on-track. We love working together, and we think it shows in our work. We're proud to think of the cguWEB Team as one happy family!

Our Key Players

While everyone at cguWEB works very hard and is an equal part of our success, we couldn't have done it without the ingenuity, passion, experience, and long hours of a few key players! Every project at cguWEB has at least one of these guys or gals leading the team, so rest assured that your projects are always in good hands.

Chris Locke

Lead Web Developer

As one of the founders of Computer Graphics Unlimited, Chris has played a significant role in many of our top client projects. As a web development pundt, his first passion is coding software! Chris is an award-winning programmer, a published author, and a true veteran of the Information Age.

Jackie Bennington

Project Manager

Being well organized is an understatement for Jackie. Her natural attention to detail makes her an expert at project specifications, task management planning, and team building. She diligently interfaces with our clients and encourages strong communication within our team at cguWEB.

Kelly Boyer

Graphic / Web Designer

Kelly brings new ideas to life with innovative, clean, original designs and layouts. She loves technology, and gets excited about building new dynamically designed responsive websites. Kelly's world-class designs are aimed at promoting your corporate branding, interpreted for the web.

Shawn Perry

Sales Manager

Having great communication skills and a vovacious interest in our clients' needs, Shawn takes a proactive, yet casual approach to sales. He listens intently and learns the details about your business, enabling him to provide you with the best solutions for your projects.